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Why Choose Cahir

1. Art .

(a) Drama/ Musical/ Theatres
(b) Exhibitions/ Festivals/ Listings/ Promotion
(c) Group participation (i.e. retirement and youth)

2. Enterprise

(a) Cahir Business Community/Group Co-operation and Co-ordination
(b) Establish and promote a strong foundation of core local services and abilities
(c) Invite New Business to area of opportunities

  • Locations Available for start-ups and Central for Success
  •  IDA, Enterprise Ireland, CDA?

3. Youth Groups

(a) Facilities / Accommodation / Organisation
(b) Opportunities/ Training / Recreation/ Entertainment
(c) Course / Incentives

4. Residence Associations

(a) Community Involvement and Interaction
(b) Community Watch and liaison with Garda
(c) Improvements / Aid to the Elderly

Greater sense of safety and community can create a more positive perception
and draw external interest, as people want to be associated with Success.